[Important notice] The use of the 'offset' parameter in grid requests is no longer supported.

  • [Security] Possible XSS vulnerability (#6024) (#6023)
  • [Feature] The debugging of tracking requests through the 'PDebug' parameter is disabled by default. It can be enabled in the 'Configuration > Event Logging' section (#5946)
  • [Feature] A refund request will now change the commission status to 'declined' instead of creating a refund, for Shopify and PayPal integration (#5619)
  • [Performance] Rewrite "pay affiliate process" to cron task (#5028)
  • [Improvement] Auto-Registering Affiliates feature: Set parent affiliate from lifetime referral (#6057)
  • [Improvement] Hide Campaigns plugin: add option to track sales only to default affiliate and skip lifetime referrals creation (#6061)
  • [Improvement] Add visitor id column to commissions list for affiliates (#6025)
  • [Improvement] Add information about the Stopped campaign to debug logs (#5806)
  • [Improvement] PAN: Add account listbox to Sale tracking integration advanced options (#5725)
  • [Fix] PAN: Sorting by Paid does not work in Network Accounts Invoices (#6020)
  • [Fix] PAN: Error in 'Network Account Prepaid' feature: new email template is missing in database (#6028)
  • [Fix] Affiliates tree can be incorrectly updated after adding new user (#6026)
  • [Fix] Commissions grid crashes if default network merchant has read access on Affiliate (#5827)
  • [Fix] Shopify plugin: checkout token is updated only if automatic status change is enabled (#5592)
  • [Fix] Shopify plugin: reset checkboxes stay checked after reset configuration (#5999)
  • [Style] Improve the interface of Event logging section (#5987)

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